About Me

Based in Orange, CA, Brandon Nease has carved a niche for himself as an Account Manager in technology sales with Sehi Computer Products. With a rich blend of IT, theatre, and dance expertise and an ardent passion for the Star Wars universe, his multifaceted personality resonates with technical understanding and creative flair.

Current Role

Account Manager at Sehi Computer Products      

Delving into technology, he has served in IT for the last four years, managing client accounts and ensuring seamless sales operations. His dedication to understanding client needs and delivering technological solutions has made him a trusted figure in his professional circle.

Career History

Education and Early Years

His career is founded on his solid academic achievements at Chapman University. With a master's degree focusing on educational technology and undergraduate qualifications in integrated educational studies and Theatre Arts, his educational journey reflects a perfect blend of technology and the arts.

The Transition from Theatre to IT

Spanning 16 illustrious years, His stint in theatre and dance has given him an artistic perspective that he carries into his current profession. Moving from the performing arts world to the fast-paced technology domain, he brings a unique blend of creativity and technical insight.

Academic Accomplishments

Nease's research article was published in a scientific journal, underscoring his academic prowess. Being a father, he cherishes parenthood as one of his life's most profound milestones.

Areas of Expertise and Interests

Theatre and Performing Arts

With 16 years of hands-on experience, he possesses profound insights into theatre and dance, reflecting his passion for the performing arts.

Star Wars Enthusiast

His love for Star Wars is deep-rooted, from lightsaber fencing to collecting action figures. Starting from an action figure collection at the tender age of three, he evolved his hobby during the pandemic by crafting a life-sized R2D2 pit droid and is working on a battle droid. Every corner of his life resonates with the charm of the Star Wars saga.

Spartan Races and Video Games

Beyond Star Wars, His physical and virtual worlds are filled with running Spartan Races and delving into the realm of video games.

Philanthropic Endeavors

With a heart that believes in giving back, he has volunteered at Terra Nova Church in Irvine since 2019. His consistent efforts and financial contributions reflect his commitment to community service and the betterment of society.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Brandon Nease's life is colored with the vast and relatable narratives of the Star Wars universe. This hobby, born from a childhood fascination with action figures, has matured into an extensive collection and DIY projects involving dioramas and life-sized droid creations. His love for Star Wars extends beyond just collection; it represents freedom, vastness, and myriad stories that are both unique and resonant.

A Symphony of Technology and Art

Nease, an alumnus of Chapman University and now a distinguished Account Manager at Sehi Computer Products, epitomizes how technology and art can beautifully coalesce. From the stage's limelight to the dynamic world of IT sales, from the miniature action figures to the life-sized droids, his journey is a testament to his diverse passions and adaptability. As he continues to blend creativity with technology, his story remains a beacon for those looking to merge seemingly distinct worlds into a harmonious symphony.


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