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Account Manager, Technology Sales

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Brandon Nease, a tech-savvy Account Manager with Sehi Computer Products, is based in Orange, CA. With an eclectic background in IT, theatre, and dance, he brings a unique flair to his work. His profound enthusiasm for the Star Wars universe further adds to his multifaceted personality, resonating with both technical expertise and creative energy.

As an Account Manager, he has been immersing himself in the world of technology for the past four years. His role involves managing client accounts and overseeing sales operations, always striving for seamless execution. His dedication to understanding his clients' needs and delivering technological solutions tailored to them has earned him a reputation as a trusted professional within his circle.

His career in IT is grounded in his strong academic background at Chapman University. He earned a master's degree with a focus on educational technology, as well as undergraduate qualifications in integrated educational studies and Theatre Arts. His education exemplifies the harmonious blend of technology and the arts that he carries with him throughout his career.

His journey from the world of theatre and dance to the fast-paced realm of technology is a testament to his adaptability and broad range of talents. He spent 16 illustrious years in the performing arts, acquiring an artistic perspective that he seamlessly integrates into his current profession. His ability to bring together creativity and technical insight sets him apart from his peers.

Adding to his list of accomplishments, Nease's had a research article published in a scientific journal, showcasing his academic aptitude. Furthermore, becoming a father is a milestone that he cherishes as one of the most profound experiences of his life. This personal achievement complements his professional growth and adds depth to his already diverse range of skills and experiences.

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Brandon Nease

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